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Snow sports are lots of fun; but it is never fun when someone is injured.
Following the Alpine Responsibility Code at Mt Hotham (and at all other ski resorts in Australia) will make for a great holiday experience. As there are road rules for driving a vehicle, there is also a code for skiing and riding to ensure everyone stays safe. Should you be misfortunate enough to visit the Medical Centre be assured there are qualified, professional staff to take care of you and your loved ones. Please note that all visitors should be consider membership to Ambulance Victoria before embarking on a snow holiday in the Victorian alpine region. Regional and Rural Emergency Road transport fees for non-members can cost approximately $1600-1700. However nice your Mt Hotham accommodation is, it’s no fun sitting inside with a broken limb watching others having fun outside or reflecting upon having injured someone else.

Know the Code

It’s your responsibility

Know your ability and always stay in control and be able to stop and avoid other people or objects. It is your responsibility to stay in control on the ground and in the air.

Take lessons from professional instructors to learn and progress.

Use appropriate protective equipment to minimise the risk of injury (wear a helmet)

Before using any lift you must have the knowledge and ability to load, ride and unload safely and always use the restraining devices.

Observe and obey all signs and warnings. Keep off closed trails or runs.

Give way to people below and beside you on the hill. It is your responsibility to avoid them.

Do not stop where you are not clearly visible from above. Look uphill and give way to others when entering/exiting a trail or starting downhill.

Always ensure your equipment is in good condition and use suitable restraining devices to avoid runaway skiing/boarding equipment.

Do not ski, board, ride a lift or undertake any other alpine activity if your ability is impaired by drugs or alcohol.

If you are involved in, or witness an accident or collision, alert Ski Patrol, remain at the scene and identify yourself to the Ski Patrol.