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Finding the perfect place to stay is often the most exciting part of planning a holiday. Mt Hotham offers accommodation to suit every comfort and we’re here to guide you to the perfect spot! Do you prefer the communal charm of a ski lodge or the luxury of a mountain apartment in a central location? At Mt Hotham, you'll find great lodges with a friendly atmosphere and walk to the bus stop to catch the free bus to the slopes. Alternatively, head up to the Hotham Central precinct and discover a variety of apartments to select from, most within sking/walking distance to the ski runs. Mt Hotham Accommodation .SKI provides great accommodation deals for your winter snow trip.


Selecting the right accommodation for your stay at Mt Hotham is an important decsion. You will need to consider the location as well as the accommodation type. Do your homework and you'll get a good deal.


Mt Hotham has 5 distinct precincts. Each precinct offers a multitude of experiences that differ from one another, this assists in defining the precincts as special places.

Hotham Central: ’Alpine Action’

Hotham Central is the core of Mt Hotham. It is the action centre and staying here is convenient and fun. Fortunately, many of the accommodations in this area are just far enough from the nightlife so that your sleep is not disturbed. With the number of ski lifts and ski runs directly accessing or accessible from Hotham Central, it continues to constitute the main mountain access ‘leap off point’ for skiers and boarders. Hotham Central is also established as a hub offering alternative activities and entertainment for non-skiers within this unique alpine setting. Accommodation in this area includes the 1750 apartment complex, Zirkey's, Lawlers, Mt Hotham Chalet and White Chrystal Apartments. There is no doubt Hotham Central Accommodation is the place to be.

Over Snow Link: ’Alpine Connection’

The Over Snow Link area separates the Hotham Central precinct and the Davenport area, It is a well vegitated area and has a role in providing habitat for the unique population of the Mountain Pygmy-possum (i.e. ‘the tunnel of love’). Lodges are the primary type of accommodation in this area and access to the slopes is typically via the free shuttle bus.

Davenport: ’Alpine Retreat’

Davenport constitutes a predominantly lodge baced accommodation location within the Mt Hotham. The General store located here also offers accommodation. One can access Mt Hotham Central and the main ski area via the use of the free shuttle bus.

Wireplain: ’Alpine Introduction’ and ’Alpine Training’

The Wire Plain area has multiple roles including being the base hub for cross country skiing in addition to constituting the main destination for first time day tripper / young families who are new to the snow environment and whose snow experience is not focused on learning to ski. This are also has a winter biathlon focus. Facilities to support elite training are planned to be developed. There is no accommodation in this precinct.


Mt Hotham has a large selection of accommodation avaliable and ensures you will find the perfect place to make your holiday memorable. Choose from our charming Mt Hotham apartment or one of the many other accommodations on the hill. Each of the different accommoation options have a variety of pros and cons.

Lodge Accommodation

Lodges are good value accommodation for a family or singles with shared rooms. There are often many other families there and thus it provides an opportiunity for fun. One of the draw backs is that guests often have to provde their own linen and share bedrooms. In addition to this, lodge accommodation is predominantly outside of the Hotham Central precinct and so it is necessary to catch the free shuttle to the main lift area. This can chew up much of your valuable holiday time and so it is worth while thinking about this before your book. The bathroom facilities in lodges are also an important factor to consider. Some lodge have ensuites while others have shared facilities. Usually, lodges offer access to a communal kitchen and fridge. Asterix Lodge is a favourite for many having ensuites attached to all rooms and providing a great kitchen with independent fridges.

Apartment Accommodation

Staying in a self-catering apartment is a great option. There are many different apartments to choose from and it is best to select one based on your needs and group size.

Linen: All linen and towels are usually provided in an apartment accommodation. Those in lodges might need to bring their own linen and make their beds upon arrival. Some apartment accommodation services provide linen but do not change the quilt covers on each change over, merely changing the top and bottom sheets. Please ask questions to any potential accommodation service about their linen policy. You can rest assured that that all our linen is freshly laundered for every stay made through our accommodation service.

Exclusivity: Staying in an apartment allows for a greater degree of privacy which can be limited in shared lodge accommodations. Apartment accommodation is often sought after by young families who prefer the space to themselves. It allows for children to got to bed without other distractions occurring as can be the case in a lodge setting. Apartment accommodation often allow for a more personal experience and homely environment.

Bedroom configuration: A distinct advantage to apartment accommodation over lodge accommodation is the separate sleeping spaces. This allows for privacy and a more peaceful nights sleep.

Parking: A number of accommodation apartments also feature parking. This is a real plus as it allows for an easy arrival and means you don't have to pay for an oversnow service. Many apartment or lodges do not have parking included and so you must carry your belongings into the apartment or lodge (often via trudging through snow), then return to your car and move it down to the overnight car parking area. After this, you will need to wait for a free bus to take you to the bus stop closest to your accommodation. Remember it is an alpine environment and so you will need to dress warmly. Suffice to say, onsite parking with your accommodation package is a massive bonus.

Views: Mt Hotham is a spectacular place to visit. Enjoying the breath taking views of the alpine environment from your apartment or lodge in the morning or after a long day skiing is a real joy. Be sure to ask about the outlook and view from the accommodation you are considering.

Drying room: Mt Hotham is a great place to ski but on occassiond you can get wet and having a good drying room is a necessity. Lodges often have decent quality drying rooms as they need to cater for large numbers, but there is alot of variation between drying rooms in apartments. Some apartments use a closet with a heater. This is not very effective. Be sure to book an accommodation with a good quality drying room that has a large capacity, is warm and well ventilated. A dehumidifyer for use on days when you have really wet gear can make the difference between the following day being warm and fun or wet and miserable.

Kitchen: When looking at apartment options it is worthwhile making enquiries as to the condition and quality of the crockery, utensil and appliances. Worn and broken down kitchen goods simply take the pleaure out of being on holiday. Having good quality kitchenware makes for a more enjoyable stay.


This accommodation has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms - accommodates up to 10 guests. It is perfect for families. Located in the 1750 accommodation complex in Central Hotham. The apartment has spectacular north facing views of the ski fields. It is the best accommodation you will find. When deciding where you will stay for your winter holiday, it is important to get it right. The wrong accommodation could lead to dissappointment. You will not be dissapointed with this wonderful apartment. It has great views, comfortable beds, radiant heating, a lovely dining space and good quality leather lounges. There are HD televisions in all the bedrooms with Foxtel so members of the group can relax separately if they need some down time. A PS4 can be fun if you stilll have enough energy after a big day of skiing. This accommodation also has a great drying room, ski storage and laundry all on a single level. This accommoation is perfect for your family. You simply need to bring your gear, food and toiletries. There is a dedicated parking spot directly outside the entrence to the apartment building. Having this included in your accommodation package is a real plus. No need to pay extra for an over snow service. This is the perfect apartment in the perfect location.

Featured Accommodation: Bedroom configuration
Master Bedroom

1 x King (with ensuite) room sleeps 2

Bedroom 2

1 x Queen and 1 x single bunk bed (room sleeps 4)

Bedroom 3

2 x sets single bunk beds (room sleeps 4)

Featured Mt Hotham Accommodation - Key details
  • North facing views of Mt Hotham village and ski fields
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • Ideal for up to 10 guests (or two families)
  • 2 bathrooms (1 separate / 1 ensuite)
  • 2 toilets (1 separate)
  • Onsite exclusive parking
  • Fully equipped kitchen (incl. Nespresso coffee machine)
  • New kitchenware, crockery, cutlery, utensils and appliances
  • Large HD flat-Screen TV and DVD/Blu-Ray in lounge
  • FOXTEL in lounge and all bedrooms
  • Flat screen 40 inch HD TV’s in all bedrooms
  • Dining table with sensational views of ski fields
  • Leather lounges
  • Gas Log fire and radiant heating in all bedrooms
  • Large capacity drying room with dehumidifier
  • Ski storage (in foyer)
  • Laundry with washer and dryer
  • Close to restaurants, bars, cafés, ski school and ski hire facilities
  • Learn more about this Mt Hotham accommodation here.

Please note that this is strictly non-smoking accommodation. There are locations outside the apartment where smoking is permitted.